Matt Dusing

Why am I here? No, not the question we all are asking about life but “why is Fandom On Demand here?”

This site exists to help you in your search for awesome talent for your Convention or event. I compiled a small group of VO’s for hire that I love and want to share with you.

Why? Because I’ve been a huge Geek since as far back as I can remember. Using Vacuum cleaner parts and duct tape to build my very own proton pack to draping a black towel around my shoulder and using said vacuum cleaner parts to be a Jedi Knight. This love of geek introduced me to my first Anime, “Ninja Scroll” (Don’t judge), and it opened my world even more to more awesome shows and movies.

This passion grew into an escape from reality that seems I’ve never returned from. I didn’t imagine it could get any better until I started to work some conventions as a guest handler. Having the ability to meet some of my favorite voices come to life was.. well.. really freaking cool! Working with this wonderful talent at various conventions across the country was a great experience for me and for the fans who came to see them.

I thought to myself “how can I share the love?”

Well this is how!

This was accomplished by sweet talking each and every one of these actors into letting me put them up on a page and offer to share their awesomeness with the world! SO here I am. No longer the geek that pretends to be a Ghostbuster (Because I am one now! Follow your dreams!) or Jedi Knight. Now I’m the geek offering you up some fun at your next convention or event.

All you have to do now is stop reading about why I’m doing this and see for yourself by inviting one them out to your event. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.