The Albert Wesker Reunion Panel

“Ten Resident Evil Games. Three Weskers.
One Panel.”

For years “Resident Evil” fans have wanted to see all the Albert Wesker voice actors appear together. Now, for the first time ever and just in time for the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking video game series, it is happening.

Peter Jessop, Richard Waugh and D.C. Douglas have agreed to appear together at your con.*

The three Albert Weskers will conduct a panel together, share their stories, answer fan questions and most likely have a “Wesker-off.”

In addition, they will sign together and take group photos with fans. They will also conduct their own separate panels and D.C. Douglas will perform his Erotic Fanfic Show, as well.

To get the details and book this once in a lifetime panel, contact Matt Dusing today.


Subject to all three actors’s availability. Each actor may also be booked individually.
*Sergio Jones, who appeared in the first game in 1996, is currently unreachable.