Ken Pontac

Ken Pontac was born in Glendale Memorial Hospital on May 22, 1957, or
raised by electric eels in Peru, depending on whom you want to believe.
His early childhood was colored by a series of incidents too remarkable
and bizarre to recount fully in this brief text, but by the age of three the
course of his life was to be set forever; young Kenny was determined to
become the thirty-seventh president of the United States. The landslide
election of Richard Milhous Nixon in 1969 shattered these ambitions,
however, and caused him instead to choose a career in animation.

Pontac has signed too many NDAs this year to be able to divulge much
about his current projects, but they involve major toy companies, billion
dollar character franchises, and, much to his delight, flesh-eating
zombies. Oh, and he’s recently written for the new Thunderbirds Are Go!
series, as well as the Netflix property Kong – King of the Apes. Finally, his
many admirers in the world of Sonic fandom will be ecstatic to learn that
he’s written for an upcoming videogame featuring their favorite blue